Overnight Raspberry Porridge

img_8314School has started and the challenge for me is to get some of my troops off to school with a healthy and satisfying breakfast that will carry them through until lunchtime.  I have tried this rather pretty layered raspberry porridge and it has been a hit.  It is gluten free (if you use gf oats) and dairy free (if you use almond milk as I did).


200g raspberries

juice of half a lemon

10g chia

20g honey

200g gf oats

10g chia

20g honey

500g almond milk

1tsp vainilla extract

  1. Place raspberries, lemon juice, first lot of chia and first lot of honey in TM bowl.  Mix 5sec/Speed 5.  Reserve in a small bowl.  Rinse TM bowl a little (or you will end up with pinkish oats.
  2. Pour remaining ingredients in TM bowl. Mix 10sec/Speed2.5
  3. Layer oats and raspberry mix in a large jar and refrigerate overnight.



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