What is Thermomix?

TM5DigitalDisplay1It is the world’s smallest, smartest kitchen. With German engineering, the award winning Thermomix is a multi-functional kitchen machine that is robust and easy to use. It is an intelligent power blender that also weighs, cooks and steams. It replaces more than 12 kitchen appliances in one easy to clean compact unit. TM5DigitalDisplay2Cooking with Thermomix becomes fast, easy, healthy, creative and economical. It is like having a sous chef, it gives you an extra pair of hands in the kitchen.

The new TM5 is now part of the digital age, offering you also guided cooking.   Books come in digital form in Recipe Chips.  You can be guided through a recipe step by step by following the instructions on the digital display screen.   You simply add the ingredients and the Thermomix sets the time and temperature for you.

For more information please feel free to contact me or visit the Thermomix UK/Ireland site on http://thermomix.vorwerk.co.uk