Flavoured Sea Salt: Porcini Mushroom or Rosemary/Lemon

It could not be easier to make these salts.  A satisfying smug sort of thing for your pantry, aimg_8864nd also an original food gift for your friends.

Start with a coarse sea salt, Malden is great, but if you only have fine sea salt it is OK too.

15g dried porcini mushrooms o 3 rosemary sprigs, leaves only, and one lemon rind
280g coarse sea salt

1. Place ingredients (either mushrooms or rosemary/lemon) in TM bowl. 1 minute speed 9.
2. Add salt, and use salt to brush down the sides of the bowl and under the lid.
3. With measuring cup off, programme the TM for 1 hour, 80C, reverse blade, speed 1. If you are so inclined, and you have time, once in a while turn speed up to about 3 to give it all a good stir, and then back down to speed 1.
4. At the end stir well with spatula and repeat step 3.
5. If at the end you prefer a finer salt, then grind it to your taste in the TM.


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