Thermomix Stories and Testimonials


“…It’s so powerful, it could blend a politician.”
Jason Atherton, Waitrose Magazine, July 2014

“I have had a Thermomix in my own kitchen for several years now. I can honestly say that a day doesn’t go by without using it. Since getting my Thermomix, I have managed to rid my kitchen of my blender, chopper, electric whisk and weighing scale. I even boil eggs in my Thermomix for my children’s breakfast! The other reason why I use it so much is that it is incredibly easy to use. The controls are kept to a minimum and it took me just a few minutes to get to grips with it.”
Isabel, ThermoInspire

“The two most important things in my kitchen are my set of knives and my Thermomix”
James Martin, Chef, at the BBC Good Food Show Nov 2013

“Thermomix is an invaluable all-rounder”
Alain Roux, Chef Patron, The Waterside Inn, Bray, Berkshire, 3 Michelin starred restaurant.

“The best gadget is the German Thermomix. This is a combined food processor, cooker and steamer with which you can make fabulous soup, all in one container, from start to finish. It will also make jam in 20 minutes, sorbets in 2 minutes and bread dough, batter and sauces at the push of a couple of buttons”.
Michael van Straten, author of the Super Foods recipe book series

“I use my Thermomix so often, it never goes in the cupboard”
Sarah, Berkshire

“When you know the Thermomix, you can’t do without it. I use it every day. You can cook easily and there is much less washing up. I have a queue of friends waiting for invitations to dinner!”
Maria, Ipswich

“All my friends envy me because I can make beautiful, organic baby food in half the time.”
Julie, Hampshire

“I simply can’t believe how easy it is to feed hoards of starving hungry teenagers with quick, and easy-to-follow recipes.”
Mrs Downes, Wiltshire

“I can put breakfast on in the morning, say porridge, and because it is timed, temperature-regulated and stirs, I can walk away and have a shower and it’s ready when I get back. The same at dinner, I just walk away from it and do other things instead of being tied to the stove stirring and watching.”
Cindy O’Meara