Quick Tips and Hints for TM5 Users

  1. The Basic Cookbook is your template to adapt your own favourite recipes


  1. Butterfly whisk: Never above speed 4


  1. Push the lid flat.   The arms will break if you consistently use them to close the lid. The arms are designed just for locking the lid.


  1. Quick Wash: 60 seconds, 60 Degrees, Speed 6


  1. To get the last bits of dough out, spin the blades. A couple of seconds on speed 9 should do the trick. Then, with a little bit of the dogh between your fingers, tap and lift the spun dough from the sides of the bowl.


  1. To power down, always press the dial on the right a few seconds, just like when you power down a computer. Do not use the wall plug or switch.


  1. Do not slide your TM. The sensitive feet are your weighing scales. Look after them.


  1. Generally speaking:


Speed 1-4 stirring and whipping

Speed 5-6 chopping

Speed 7-10 blending and grinding


  1. Some of my favourite online resources:








  1. Go to the following link for a list of easy recipes for Thermomix beginners assembled by bloggers ThemOMG: You click on the recipe title and it takes you straight to the recipe. .