American Popovers – Supersized Yorkshire Puds


As our friends across the pond prepare to celebrate Thanksgiving I think it very timely to share with you a recipe for popovers.  That is what the Americans call their version of our beloved Yorkshire puddings.  In good old American tradition, they go large.  Starting with the tins, which are deeper than ours in the UK (my husband brought me some from NY and later I found out that  Williams Sonoma delivers in the UK…)

For me, popovers  are like a meal onto themselves, however, I have noticed that back in the USA it has become de rigeur in many a steak place to put a basket of these in front of you to snack on whilst you wait for the brontosaurus steak… Dangerous.   Personally I cannot eat these and then a steak.   Still, back to the popovers.

There are many creative variations of popovers, the ones in this picture have cheddar cheese, that is why they have a dimply texture.  If you do not add cheese you get a more traditional, smooth top.  Go wild and try combinations with herbs, cheese, paprika, chilli, even bits of crispy bacon on top.  I must experiment with gluten free flour too, because I have a feeling that it could work.  If any of you do try it, please let me know your results.

Happy Thanksgiving to all.


For 8 popovers (you can easily double this recipe)

8 tbs flavourless oil such as grapeseed

2 large eggs

250 g milk

160 plain flour

1/2tsp salt

1 pinch cayenne

30 g cheddar cheese (optional)


1. Grease the tins, leave about 1 tbs oil at the bottom of each cup.

2. If you are using cheese start by grating it Sp 5/ 7 seconds. Reserve.

3.  Whisk eggs, milk, flour, salt and cayenne pepper Sp 3/20 secs.  Pour batter into each popover tin, filling about 3/4 oIMG_4414f the way up the sides.  Sprinkle about 1 tsp of grated cheese atop each popover.

4. Place the tins in a cold oven and heat to 230C and bake until puffed and well browned, about 25 min.