Cardamon and Rosewater Poached Pears

A very elegant and autumnal desert that is great for entertaining too, because you can prepare it well in advance. Original recipe:”Persiana” by Sabrina Ghayour

6 Pears, smooth, even sized and with stems
400g rosewater
12-16 cardamon pods
300g sugar
pistachio nuts for scatteromg
rose petals for scattering


1. Peel the pears leaving the stems intact. Remove the cores from the bases and slice a little off the bottom so they can stand upright.
2. Add sugar to the bowl. Grind it 5 seconds speed 10.
3. Now add the cardamom pods. To crack them open program the TM 10 seconds, reverse blade speed 5.
4. Pour the rose water into the TM bowl and insert the steaming basket. Put two pears sideways unless they are small enough to sit upright with the lid closed. Pour water to just about cover the pears.
5. To poach the first two pairs, program the TM for 30 minutes, 100C, reverse blade speed 2. Always keep the measuring cup off in this recipe. When the time is finished, test to see that they are tender. If they are not soft, program for an extra 5 minutes. If they are, transfer to a dish and, in the same liquid, insert another two pears.
6. The new pears need to be poached for 15 minutes at 100C, reverse blade speed 2. Test them for doneness when the time is finished. Test and adjust as in step 5.
7. Repeat this process with the last two pears.
8. The original recipe ends here. It suggests you can serve the pears with a scattering of pistachios and to pour some of the poaching liquid over, and to decorate with a few rose petals.
9. I prefer to reduce the poaching liquid and to serve it in a more syrupy consistency. If you like that idea, keep the steaming basket in the bowl and tip out about 1 litre of the poaching liquid. Reserve the liquid you took out for making porridge, or adding to yogurt, etc. To reduce the liquid still in the bowl, program the TM for 30 minutes, Varoma temperature, reverse blade speed 2.
10. Delicious served with some vanilla ice cream, or milk and honey icecream.


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