Broccoli pesto

Smart for a dinner party and a success with children too…

Inspired by Dani Valent from her book In The Mix.

Take 120g of Parmesan cheese in chunks. 10 seconds speed 10. Reserve in separate bowl. Prepare 2 heads of broccoli in florets and stems in large chunks in Varoma dish and tray, rinse, cook 10 min steamed in Varoma speed 3. Refresh in cold water, meanwhile chop 3 cloves of garlic, 40g oil, 2 shallots, of bowl, 4 seconds speed 6, scrape down contents and sautee 5 min Varoma, speed 2. Add broccoli, 60g creme fraiche, 60g toasted pine nuts. Chop into a coarse mixture 10 seconds speed 5. You may want to help the broccoli with the spatula…

It makes approx a 1.5l jar. Remember it is light and airier than traditional pesto.


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